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La Ruta de la Hoz(Zarra)

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Ruta de la Hoz de Zarra, is a local trail of low-medium difficulty of about 13.5 kilometers long that can be covered in about 3 hours of duration (in movement), more or less. During the route there are several points of interest such as the animated forest or the different viewpoints. The route begins next to the municipal cemetery from where you start walking north.

The place, in the mid-twentieth century, was a characteristic environment for the production of electricity thanks to its abundant hydraulic flow and a perfect network of canals that, in other times, supplied the driving force of a small power plant.

From those times, and from the continuous passage of workers in the construction and maintenance of the power plant, there are the remains of a house, a unique construction of the dozen buildings that were established in the interior of the valley, a small population of workers whose nucleus was called "Aldea de la Hoz". There are also some remains of the old light factory, a great example of the industrial archaeology of the Ayora Valley region.

Now, in these times, and after the closure of the power plant years ago, there are no longer inhabitants in what was that village, there is no longer activity in the power plant, only the old water channel and the remains mentioned integrated into a route that will make you appreciate the beauty of the area, a journey through ravines, mountains and the occasional cave, highlighting points such as the Barranco del agua, the Panoja, the area of Umbría, Cueva Valles or Quebrada, some of the points of the route.

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