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Museo del Turrón(Xixona)

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The most important activity in Jijona in the twentieth century has been the production of nougat, marzipan and sweets. This explains the creation of this museum, in the 60s, to show at first the tools that were used to make nougat and were becoming obsolete. Over time the project has been rethought and now the Museo del Turrón de Jijona offers a much more complete experience, providing information about the historical context, the technology needed to produce the food and the value of its cultural heritage.

The museum consists of three floors. The lower floor talks about the commercialization of the product and we will see examples of advertising and packaging. The middle floor tells us all about the elaboration processes and the upper floor focuses on the raw materials: sugar, honey, almonds and eggs.

With the entrance to the Museo del Turrón de Jijona you can visit, in addition to the museum itself, the nougat factory El Lobo and 1880: a guided tour with which you will see how the nougat is made today.

In addition to the museum, it will be possible to follow the Jijona Nougat Route. A cross-cutting project of industrial and sustainable tourism promoted by the City Council of the town, the Regulatory Council of the PGI Jijona and Turrón de Alicante and the TDC with the aim of enhancing the value of the nougat industry of Jijonenca and the natural, heritage and historical wealth of the town.

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