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La Cisterna(Xeraco)

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The Cistern is located between Cervantes and Pintor Sorolla streets. It is a subway construction, made of stone and covered with a barrel vault, which was used to collect water from subway streams. On December 27, 1885, the construction of the Cistern began, a decisive fact of vital importance for the welfare of Xeraco in the 19th century. The work was carried out by means of the personal service of the neighbors during holidays and working days through the work of four or five men, completed by the work of the women who were necessary to drag the extracted earth and of those men who had not fulfilled their community service on a holiday without a justified cause. The cistern was inaugurated on June 23, 1888. In 1939, due to the installation of drinking water in the municipality, the Cistern lost its main purpose and was closed. Currently, the Cistern is used, as can be seen in the photographs, as a local museum. Over the years, the environment of the cistern has changed. At present, being a subway construction, in the street where it is located, above the cistern, there is a small square with a pergola, public benches and a garden.

Image of La Cisterna