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Iglesia de San Honorato(Vinalesa)

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It is located at 16 Main Street, which widens in front of the façade of the church and the adjacent abbey house, forming a small square. It is a neoclassical construction with baroque-rococo elements from the 18th century. The blessing of the temple dates from October 14, 1779.

It has a wide façade with a curved pediment. The door is linteled, framed by two pairs of pilasters and above with a frieze of triglyphs; above a semicircular niche topped by a triangular pediment; in the niche there is a stone image of the patron saint. On the lintel there is a cartouche with an anagram. The plinth is of brick and ashlar. In the pediment, the oculus is oval. It was restored in 1993 and sgraffito ornaments were placed forming garlands.

To the left, there is a great tower that dominates the valley with two bodies and a cupulin. In the first body, the lintels are sgraffitoed and frame three arrow slits. In the second, there are semicircular openings between attached pilasters, where the bells are located.

To the right of the facade, there is another body of unfinished tower, topped by pinnacles, where the clock dial is located.

Image of Iglesia de San Honorato