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Ermita Santa Bárbara de Vinalesa(Vinalesa)

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It is a building owned by the church of San Honorato. It is located in a small square and in the middle stands a cross. It is composed of two round brick steps and a stone shaft with beveled edges crowned by a wrought iron cross.

It has a simple air. The façade with a pediment finial has a belfry at the apex and a square window on a straight edge. It is a single central nave of religious character and use, between 250 and 300 years old. Structure of reinforcement of masonry walls, being the lateral walls of 1m of thickness and the rest of 60cm with cover to two waters by means of barrel vault. On the façade there is a sundial.

It is built in honor of Santa Barbara and the neighbors were devoted to her so that she would help them in the rains of strong intensity accompanied by hail and that destroyed the harvest.

The state of conservation is quite acceptable thanks to the actions that have allowed to recover the cover, the paintings and the capitals of the eight columns that embellish the hermitage.

Image of Ermita Santa Bárbara de Vinalesa