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Colegio de Santo Domingo(Villanueva de Castellón)

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A building located at the end of Ravalet Street, it was built at the request of Salvador Gil Peris and Dolores Caldés García to house a charitable asylum and school run by the Dominican Sisters of the Annunciation. It is an important work by the Valencian architect Joaquín María Arnau Miramón (1849-1906). Its architectural style is Neo-Gothic and Valencian Modernism. Its construction began on 19th January 1899 and it was inaugurated in 1901.

The building, of large dimensions that occupy almost the entire block, is made of stone, brick and iron. It consists of a ground floor and a first floor. It has an imperial staircase in the central part and 365 windows, one for each day of the year. The church contains paintings by the painter Lamberto Alonso, a disciple of Ignacio Pinazo. It currently belongs to the Colegio Santo Domingo.

The building consists of a central façade with the inscription on the frontispiece: "Asilo de Santo Domingo". There are two large wings that advance on the most incoming line of the central one, and another body of a later building joined to the previous ones. The four built-up sections leave a wide courtyard in the centre where the chapel door opens.

The chapel, in ogival style, has a high tribune, transept and dome. The main altar is presided over by the image of Saint Dominic with the Virgin of the Rosary, which belonged to the extinct convent of San Vicente Ferrer, of the Dominican Order in this town and hence the name of the College. In the central nave and near the presbytery there is a crypt where the remains of the founders rest.

On the façade of the Asylum, we can distinguish three doors separated by columns, leading to a large vestibule. On both sides of the vestibule, there are wide corridors leading to the classrooms.

A monumental white marble staircase leads to the upper floor, where the portraits of the founders can be seen in a grandiose hall.

Image of Colegio de Santo Domingo