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Alcazaba y Muralla árabe(Vilamarxant)

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Both elements can be found in the old quarter of Vilamarxant, at the highest point of the town centre, the ruins of a citadel and the remains of the walls of a defensive tower of Arab origin dating from the 11th century.

The Alcazaba has the usual typology of the reconquest fortresses, with a central tower known as the keep, which is the residence of the lord and which fulfils the most important functions of the castle, and a wall that enclosed an enclosure known as the parade ground.

The tower, which is irregular in plan and of Arab origin, has a cistern inside it, which is now a dependency of the house attached to the north side of the tower. As can be seen, only three quadrangular-shaped sides or walls of the tower remain, with semicircular windows that are thought to have formed part of a tower of the defensive structure of the Moorish castle. The longest is 14 m long, while the other two are about 9 m long; the wall, which has been lost, is part of the façade of a building.

Image of Alcazaba y Muralla árabe