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Castillo Vallada(Vallada)

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As can be seen in the Chronicles of Jaume I, the castle of Vallada, located at the top of the mountain, must have had a certain importance in the Muslim period; a strategic character that it would maintain in the following decades.

We again have documentary evidence of the castle of Vallada in 1318. The new Christian organization of the territory, the reinforcement of the defenses of Vallada with the construction of a tower next to the urban center, and the arrival in the area of the recently constituted Order of Santa María de Montesa, would cause the role of the old castle to become less and less important.

A few years later, in May 1339, King Pere el Cerimoniós ordered that the abandoned fortresses, including the castle of Vallada, be supervised in order to render useless all those elements that could be useful to a possible enemy.

It is to be assumed that the castle of Vallada was demolished as a result of that order. What is clear is that in the middle of the 16th century, the castle of Vallada was ruined, as was stated by the Master of the Order of Montesa himself, Pere Lluís Galcerán de Borja.

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