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Les Falles (Valencia)

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Festival declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Celebrated from the 1st to 19th March, València is overturned by Fallas celebrations, a festivity that combines tradition, satire and art which shouldn’t be missed for anything in the world.

The origin of las Fallas comes from the old carpenter’s tradition who, when celebrating the arrival of spring on 19th March, used to burn pieces of wood (parots) that were used to prop up their lights during the winter.

To this bonfire they gradually started to add old belongings and rags, which gave the wooden structure a human-looking aspect, until they became the ninots that we know today. The Valencian sense of humour soon gave the irony shown in the ninots which is maintained at present.

The Fallas celebrations have evolved into temporary works of art which, in some cases, cost millions of euros

Image of Les Falles