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Peña Cortada(Tuéjar)

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Do you know this 2000 year old Roman monument? We are in the region of La Serranía, in an area located in the northwest of the province of Valencia, in Spain. This is a monument declared of Cultural Interest and located in the middle of nature. It is an aqueduct built in Roman times, whose purpose is uncertain and we do not even know if it ever worked. It is a linear structure that runs for 28 km through the territory of four municipalities: Tuéjar, Chelva, Calles and Domeño. This image taken in Túejar shows its catchment point in the river by means of a small dam that diverts part of its flow to the irrigation channel. Next, from Chelva, it is offered the point of view on the remains of one of its bridges, the one that crosses the rambla of Alcotas. When approaching the work we can appreciate its ashlar masonry built with limestone rock of the place, its state of deterioration and its presence in the landscape. Between the sections that run as an open channel and its bridges, there are tunnels that cross the mountains to give continuity to the hypothetical route of the water. Among these, the singularity of the cut rock that is shown in the image stands out and gives rise to the name by which the whole complex is recognized. This point is located in the municipality of Calles and in its surroundings are the most representative elements of the route. But its last vestiges are discovered in Domeño, where parts of its channel are identified flooded with sediments and the mystery of its unresolved end...

Image of Peña Cortada