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Torre de vigilancia de Tous(Tous)

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It is a quadrangular and irregular building that produces an optical sensation of triangularity, an effect used to repel war attacks.

There are two fortification zones. The southern part contains the main defensive complex and the main living quarters with the remains of the inner chambers, tower foundations and the remains of curtains in rammed earth and masonry. At the northern end is a large rectangular tower built into the rock, surrounded by the walls of an earlier enclosure. This large tower has lost its battlements but retains its upper vault. The two complexes are connected by long curtains, the remains of which are still visible at the beginning of the 21st century.

Tous is a municipality in the Valencian Community, Spain. It belongs to the province of Valencia, in the region of Ribera Alta. It is famous for its reservoir on the river Júcar which in 1982 collapsed due to torrential rains of more than 600 mm in the middle basin of the river, causing the largest flood, with records, known in Spain with a flow of 16,000 m³/s known as the Pantanada de Tous.

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