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Casa Señorial de los Ruiz de Castelblanque(Torrebaja)

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Without the slightest doubt, the most emblematic civil building in Torrebaja (Valencia) is the Casa Grande and the annexed tower of Los Picos, so named because of the ornaments (pyramidal and bolted) that crown it, typical of the architecture of the sixteenth century, to the point of serving as a reference to mention the place: properly called Torrebaja del Villar de Orchet... -as the lord of the entailed estate, Don Diego Ruiz de Castellblanque, calls it in his will (1638).
Don Diego himself claims to be the legitimate son of Don Diego Ruiz de Castellblanque and Doña Ana Muñoz de Castellblanque, whom he recognises as his "parents and lords of the said place...".
It seems that Don Diego's progenitors were the founders of the Torrebaja entailed estate, but the territory had other owners before, among whom we know the Ruiz de Lihori (at the time of the conquest or immediately after) and the Heredia (in the last third of the 14th century), however, coming from a royal donation when the Christian conquest of these places took place, in the time of Pedro II of Aragon (1210).
We also know that the Ruiz de Castellblanque possessed the castles of Tormón, Tramacastiel and Valacloche (Teruel), from whom they passed to their successors, the aforementioned Heredia de Mora de Rubielos (Teruel), who held the place of Torrebaja before the Ruiz de Castellblanque.

Image of Casa Señorial de los Ruiz de Castelblanque