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La Mojiganga de Titagüas(Titaguas)

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The Mojiganga of Titaguas is a ritual dance, with clear and well-defined schemes, very academic and always under the direction of a dance master. This cultural manifestation coming from the ancient mojigangas or burlesque dances, has evolved precisely towards a symbolic fixation, which reproduces, in a very special festive context (the Fiestas Gordas, every seven years), ten images or pictures, formed in part by human towers.

It is a street performance, perfectly structured with all its parts intact and with minimal or non-existent variations since the 18th century, the result of the evolution of the old Renaissance "Ball de Valencians", which was transmitted orally.

The dancers move around the square, around the central fountain, in two rows of eight followed by the three angelic dancers and following the assistant dance master, accompanied by clarinets and box, except for the dance of the Muecas which is accompanied by the guitar and the dance of the Garrote with guitar and voice.

During the festivities of the Solemnity of Our Lady of Remedy and the Nazarene, patron saints of Titaguas, (around September 8) in the afternoon, as part of the Fiestas Gordas, which are held every 7 years.

Image of La Mojiganga de Titagüas