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Ermita de San Vicente Ferrer - Terrateig(Terrateig)

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The chapel was built in front of an olive tree in whose shade, according to tradition - in this case it seems to be true - Saint Vincent Ferrer preached on 9th November 1410. A ceramic altarpiece at the foot of the tree commemorates this fact: Under this olive tree Saint Vincent Ferrer preached on 9 November 1410. Next to the temple there is a well, with a fountain, which the saint would make spring up at the request of the faithful attending his sermon.

The chapel was inaugurated on 2 April 1883, which coincided with the saint's feast day that year. Until not too long ago it was semi-abandoned and in a rapid process of deterioration, but after a recent restoration it is now in perfect condition, as is its well-kept surroundings. On a marble slab that occupies the entire tympanum above the entrance, all the details of its construction and the people who took part in it have been engraved in great detail.

The hermitage is attached to the hermit's dwelling, which has two storeys, its own single-sloped roof and a wooden door under a segmental arch. The building is in the Neo-Gothic style, with an archivolt over the entrance with two beautifully panelled leaves flanked by pilasters. It has a gabled roof and its side walls are reinforced by stylised buttresses with cantilevered roofs. A wide oculus with lattice lace opens in the centre of the gable, above which rises the wide belfry with bell and wrought iron finial. The cornice has a lenticular decoration.

The interior is rectangular with a single nave with a chequered floor, covered by a ribbed vault supported by pointed arches resting on pilasters. The Gothic altarpiece of the presbytery houses the modern plaster image of San Vicente Ferrer. However, the most important piece is the holy water font, carved in the stone on which, according to an inscription, the saint preached in 1410.

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