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Torre de Guaita(Tavernes de la Valldigna)

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The watchtower of Tavernes de Valldigna, also known as La Vall tower, was built in 1575 with the aim of defending the inhabitants from continuous attacks by pirates and corsairs. It was part of a coastal surveillance system that allowed rapid warning of an attack. As a communication mechanism, they used bonfires at night and smokescreens during the day. Standing for more than three centuries, it is located among orange groves, close to the entrance to the urbanized area of ​​Tavernes beach. It is the tallest and slimmest of the towers of the old Kingdom of Valencia with a very well-preserved stone device, three heights and access to all of them with an escalator. Declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC), with the category of Monument, it has integral protection, as it is a BIC element that must be preserved in an integral way, due to its singular or monumental character. One of the most striking elements of this location is the iron mural that decorates one of the side walls of the space, where several scenes have been drawn that refer to the function of monitoring the tower and information from the native flora and fauna. It is currently for public use and has been promoted as a leisure area, with spaces for barbecues and food. A green area that includes a pond and a visitor reception and tourist reception center complement its location. In addition, the monument has signage, information and an itinerary adapted for the blind and people with functional diversity.

Image of Torre de Guaita