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El Clot de la Font(Tavernes de la Valldigna)

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The Clot de la Font is a natural spring where the tributary of the river Vaca is born. There is news of the existence of a lithic industry workshop that would relate it to the Paleolithic and Neolithic sites of the Bolomor ravine. As for hiking, it belongs to the Route of the Senses, with two peculiarities that make it so special:
It is located a few kilometers from the urban center; this proximity has made it a very popular itinerary to practice sports or simply to enjoy a walk in the middle of nature. Every day you can see how it fills with groups of people walking or running, groups that start early in the morning, others who stay after lunch taking advantage of leaving the children at school, and others who finish the workday. And no matter when you go, you are sure to meet someone or some group doing this route.
It is equipped with stone tables and chairs, barbecues, wooden benches and a drinking fountain. All this infrastructure makes it very comfortable to enjoy a whole day in contact with nature.
It is also typical in the Clot de la Font the celebration of the porrat every year on the second Wednesday of July.

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