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Ermita Benissants de Sueca(Sueca)

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The hermitage dedicated to the Benissants Abdón and Senén who protect against hailstorms and hail is located in the so-called Muntanyeta dels Sants, which despite being the highest - and only - elevation of the term only rises 17 meters high, isolated in the middle of the great rice plain that stretches between the Albufera and Sueca, and point that, according to popular wisdom, most attracts storms.

It is about 5 km from the town and can be accessed by a road that starts from the one that goes to Sollana or by another that does from the one that goes to Les Palmeretes.

The chapel is a clear example of the Valencian Gothic style called Reconquest, characterized by being small temples with a single nave covered with a wooden frame almost always with a double slope. It has two distinct parts: the hermitage itself and the hermit's dwelling. The façade has a gable-roofed portico with exposed beams and three pointed arches; in front of it, a small square with an iron cross on a pedestal leads to the hermit's house, reminiscent of a typical Valencian farmhouse.

In the facade of the same one there are several small altarpieces and a sundial, standing out on the lintel of the door the following inscription (sic): It was made in the year 1818. The interior, with first floor and floor, has been fitted out as a small local museum, including a typical kitchen with its striking tiles.

Image of Ermita Benissants de Sueca