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Iglesia Parroquial San Sebastián Mártir(Sot de Chera)

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The parish church of Sot de Chera (province of Valencia, Spain) is a Catholic temple that is located in the old part of the town, giving its main facade to San Sebastian street and a side door to the Juan de Juanes square.

It is a church of the 17th century, of neoclassical conception and composed of a single central nave covered with a half-barrel vault with lunettes.
It has side chapels between the buttresses and choir over the entrance door. In the chapels there are several neoclassical altarpieces with images of San Antonio Abad, San Roque, La Inmaculada and Nuestra Señora de los Dolores (on the left).

In the chancel there is a white neoclassical plaster altarpiece presided by images of the Assumption of Our Lady and Saint Sebastian. To the sides of the main altar there is a chapel and the sacristy. The interior is decorated with Ionic pilasters, capitals and moldings.

In the interior there is a tabernacle-triptych attributed to the Valencian painter Juan de Juanes, from the middle of the 16th century, titled Christ showing the Sacred Form. It is an element made of polychrome and gilded wood. Its shape is more or less prismatic with a hexagonal base, and its approximate dimensions are one meter high by sixty centimeters wide and sixty deep.

Image of Iglesia Parroquial San Sebastián Mártir