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Fábrica de Las Harinas(Sinarcas)

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The Flour Factory of Sinarcas was built in 1935 by Mr. Angel Palomares Jiménez and after the Civil War, in 1941, it was acquired by the Cañizares family of milling tradition. All the original structure and machinery have been maintained, without having undergone any significant changes since its installation.

The central building, which houses all the machinery, has a rectangular floor plan measuring 15 x 12 m. made up of a ground floor, a first floor and a central basement, with stone walls and a curved tile gable roof, supported by wooden knives. The main façade is representative for its double-leaf door and 7 vertical windows. The main attraction of the factory is its central building and the original machinery preserved inside, which has remained unchanged since 1935. It is an example of the first industrial flour mills that used the electric motor and new mechanical systems, banishing the old stone millstones moved by wind, animal power or waterfalls.
In the basement, a single electric motor, placed at one end, moves all the machinery and all the lifting and transport systems by means of a shaft to which ten or so pulleys are attached, with their original leather belts.

The factory remained in operation until the end of the 1980s. It is currently owned by Sinarcas Town Council and houses the Cereal Museum.

Image of Fábrica de Las Harinas