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Torre Islámica (Silla)

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The Muslim Tower was declared a National Historic and Artistic Monument in 1982 and is a Muslim defensive fortress located in Silla, Valencia. This construction is the only testimonial sign that remains standing of the old castle of the town, which is built on the base of Roman ashlars located next to the courtyard of the town hall, in the town square. The function of this tower was to defend and shelter and, later, it was a granary and communal prison, and the curious graffiti of the prisoners on the walls are still intact.

It is difficult to know when Muslim buildings were built for such purposes as the Torre de Silla, however, it was from the end of the 11th century when these constructions proliferated, mainly in a context of Almoravid weakness. Many others were built in the second half of the 12th century.

The main purpose of this construction, which was characterised by its rammed-earth construction, was to communicate any kind of eventuality. Their locations, which were not very far apart, allowed them to transmit any news throughout the territory in a short time, by means of smoke signals during the day and fire signals at night. Despite this, their main function was that of defence, as James I also stated in his chronicle to his nobles, referring to this defensive system.

Image of Torre Islámica