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Barraques el Port(Silla)

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Les barraques del Port de Silla are located in the town of Silla, Valencia. The Barraques del Port de Silla were built in 1995, according to a square on the front of the building, by the Catarroja Fishermen's Community. They are, therefore, "neobarraques". Its current use is as a warehouse for the community's material, as well as its social headquarters and a regular meeting place for the lateen sailing competitions on the Albufera lake. The two huts were built in 1995, one behind the other, and right next to the port of Silla or entrance channel to the Albufera, and also next to the rice fields. They have the traditional morphology of these buildings in terms of their structure and dimensions, although everything indicates that modern construction materials have been used to make them. They are large in size, with a steeply pitched gable roof. They have more side windows than is usual in traditional buildings and the roof is made of corrugated fibre cement sheets. The two huts are connected to each other by a small body.

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