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Iglesia Parroquial San Pedro Apóstol(Sempere)

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It is located in the town centre of Sempere, specifically in C/ San Pedro.

The decoration of the dome is later, dating from 1814. The main façade of the church, recently restored, is very simple and has little decoration. It has a voussoir doorway, above which there is an opening that would include an image that has not been preserved. Above this opening, there is an elongated window with an oculus above it, which helps to illuminate the church.
The façade has a cut-out crown. The bell tower, which is part of the church's ground plan, forms part of the façade. It has two sections: the lower one, which corresponds to the height of the rest of the façade, and an upper one that rises above it and contains the bells. Between the two bodies is a clock. Inside, the most remarkable feature is the dome, decorated in 1814, which represents a replica of the dome of St. Peter's in the Vatican. The interior walls of the church are decorated with marble and gold paint for the finials and architectural decorations, pilaster capitals, etc.
The main altar is of great simplicity, consisting of a table and a carved wooden sculpture of St Peter on a pedestal hanging from the wall, protected by a tapestry. The altar, located at a higher level than the area for the faithful, is accessed by four steps.

The parish church of San Pedro Apóstol, as a whole, is of great simplicity, both inside and out. It was seriously ransacked in 1936. Its main dome, oval on the outside and straight on the inside, makes this church one of the most outstanding in the region. This dome was restored in 2011.

Image of Iglesia Parroquial San Pedro Apóstol