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La Colonia de Santa Eulalia(Sax)

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The colony itself began to be built at the end of the 19th century, promoted by Antonio de Saavedra y Rodríguez de la Guerra, Count of Alcudia and Gestalgar, and his cousin Mariano Bertodano y Roncalli, Viscount of Alcira, following a law of 1868. It was originally a large estate of 138 hectares of vines, olive and almond trees, managed by this family. The count, influenced by utopian socialism, decided to join forces with Mariano Roncalli to create an industrial colony on the model of others in Catalonia. This was declared a First Class Agricultural Colony on 1 July 1887, and its purpose was the cultivation, harvesting and processing of agricultural products.

In addition to the workers' houses, a large flour factory and an alcohol factory were built there, as well as the counts' palace, a theatre, a commissary, a casino, an inn, a railway station and various cellars, warehouses and oil mills. The buildings were arranged around two squares, the main one being built around the chapel of Santa Eulalia. From its construction until around 1925, the colony was of great economic importance. From that date onwards, it began a slow decline, which was accelerated by the civil war.

At the beginning of 1937, as part of the reform to eliminate religious or monarchical references in place names, the name of Colonia de Santa Eulalia was changed to Colonia de Lina Odena and projects were started to bring in electricity.

Due to the closure of the industries and the abandonment of the farmland, some of the buildings in the Colonia have deteriorated to the point of almost disappearing, as is the case of the railway station (demolished around 1990) or the theatre, which is in a very dilapidated state. In 2007, a Valencian production company chose it as an outdoor set for the popular Canal Nou series "L'Alqueria Blanca", a fact that has given an important tourist boost to the hamlet.

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