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Parroquia de San Juan Bautista(San Juan de Énova)

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In the 16th century a palace was built by the Marquis of Bélgida, whose oratory is today the church of the municipality and was the former rectory of converted Moors. This oratory had a stately tribune in front of the main altar. Already converted into a temple, it has undergone restorations, having an irregular floor plan, with three chapels on the Gospel side, another chapel and lateral door on the Epistle side, on the right entering, the main altar, and on the left the aforementioned stately tribune. A good sculpture of the Dolorosa is venerated. Until June 13, 1747 it was a simple vicarage dependent on the parish of Manuel. Declared free on that date, the Marquis donated his chapel for the church and sacred ornaments to the first priest Don José Jordá. The widening works began in 1834. In 1936 the temple was destroyed and was rebuilt later, blessing the image of "sant Joanet" in the 40s.

Image of Parroquia de San Juan Bautista