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Torre de Asnaldo(San Juan de Alicante)

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It is attached to a farmhouse that served as a defensive element, on a piece of land that was once farmland with the benefit of irrigation from the water dammed in the Tibi reservoir.
It is a construction with a square floor plan and vertical development in the form of a prism of vertical walls; the walls are made of masonry plastered with lime mortar. The corners have been reinforced with irregular sized ashlars. The facades are blind, with the existence of small arpilleras that in pairs are arranged on four facades and on each level. It is possible to deduce that the openings of the south façade also, of small size although bigger, are of later realization.
The access is on the west façade with direct access from the house to which it is attached.
The interior is subdivided into three levels, with a flat terrace in origin that, later after the factory was rebuilt and covered, became one more piece, although considerably openwork. The different levels are connected by a spiral staircase.

The Towers of the Huerta were built in the XVI and XVII centuries in the prosperous Huerta of Alicante. In that period, Barbary pirates frequently plundered these lands in search of merchandise and slaves. To mitigate these attacks, a defensive system was developed consisting of watchtowers strategically located along the coast. When the presence of hostile ships was detected in a tower, nearby populations were alerted by smoke signals. In this way, the inhabitants could seek refuge.

Image of Torre de Asnaldo