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Yacimiento arqueológico de El Puntal(Salinas)

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The archaeological site of El Puntal, dating from the full Iberian period (5th-4th centuries BC), is located in the municipality of Salinas (Alicante, Spain), on a spur of the Altos de don Pedro mountain range, 3.5 km from the town centre, opposite the Salinas lagoon. It was officially discovered by José María Soler García in August 1952.

The erosion of the terrain and clandestine actions, have notably punished the site, with the abandonment of materials. The site is currently covered with vegetation.

There are remains of defensive structures, such as a line of walls, the remains of towers, a trapezoidal keep and a moat (flat). The defensive structure shows parallels with that observed at Bastida de les Alcuses, a settlement with which El Puntal would have had links. There are also remains of square or rectangular dwellings. The necropolis was also excavated, with aristocratic-type grave goods.

The materials include luxury imported vessels of Attic origin (black varnish and red figures) from the 4th century BC, indicative of active foreign trade, a Punic and Ebusitan amphora, and Iberian and Iberian painted ceramics (bands and circles), especially urns, lebes and plates, grey and kitchen ceramics, as well as canteens and decanters. In addition, loom weights (pondera), fusayolas, remains of iron weapons such as knives (tomb 33) and spearheads (tomb 29-30), shield handles, agricultural tools, bronze ring-shaped fibulae and other materials have also been identified.

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