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Iglesia de San Nicolás(Requena)

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The Church of San Nicolás was built in the 12th century. From that moment on and over time, different architectural interventions were carried out in the church of San Nicolás, such as: the extension in the Gothic style with ribbed vaults from the mid-15th century, the Renaissance from the 16th century in the choir and on the façade, the Baroque intervention where the nave was covered with plasterwork and the 18th century extension where the current façade, the dome and the apse of the presbytery were built. Last but not least, the intervention carried out at the end of the 19th century, where various decorations and paintings were made. During the visit to this temple we can observe the elements of these architectural styles, as well as small fragments of Romanesque and Gothic paintings, remains of anthropomorphic tombs, the trompe l'oeil of the Communion Chapel, the impressive dome and the crypts and ossuaries.

Image of Iglesia de San Nicolás