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Parròquia de Sant Pere Apòstol(Real de Montroi)

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The patron saint festivities are held at the beginning of July in honour of San Pedro Apóstol, among the festivities, the most outstanding is the parade, which is completely handmade and carried out by the collas or groups of friends of the village.

The parish church has a bell tower, with a square floor plan and two sections, located next to the main entrance façade of the church. It is tiled and painted on the outside. The first section is divided into two equal sections, separated by a moulding and with spires to illuminate the interior of the tower. The second section has four windows for the bells and a simple decoration on the outside of the arches, as well as a cornice above which is the balustrade. At the same time, it has pinnacles at the corners. The interior has a "Castilian" staircase that goes up to the Sala de las Campanas (Bell Hall) along the interior perimeter of the bell tower. Shortly before reaching it, we can see the marks of the old windows of the bells, which have been covered up.

The exterior of the tower is in a good state of conservation, painted in bright colours. The interior is in equally good condition, with a little dirt in the Bell Room. In this room, the arm of an old bell is preserved, in a regular state of preservation and which has probably been there since 1936. The three bronzes are in a good state of conservation, installed with wooden bristles of traditional Valencian profile. They are fitted with impulse motors and electro-machines, as well as clappers tied and reinforced with safety cable. The current installation of the bells allows manual ringing and reproduces the traditional style of ringing.

Image of Parròquia de Sant Pere Apòstol