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Refugios Antiaéreos(Puebla del Duc)

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Throughout the Valencian Community there are a large number of air raid shelters, which were built during the Civil War. They are civilian shelters, built by the Local Defense Boards, many of them with the help of neighbors or individuals. Their function was to defend the population from bombardments and attacks by sea and air. Some of these shelters are still preserved, some still standing, others hidden or semi-hidden, or buried. Many localities of the Comunitat preserve this type of constructions destined to the defense of the civil population, even small towns had shelters, like the ones we find in Alcoy, La Pobla del Duc or L'Eliana.
With the creation of the Route of the Civil War air-raid shelters, the Town Council of La Pobla del Duc has recovered a part of the historical memory through the rehabilitation of the two military air-raid shelters of the Missena aerodrome built by the Republican Army in the spring of 1938. A sample of the unique war heritage in the Valencian panorama. This route is practically flat and very well signposted, which makes it very easy to follow.

To carry out these visits, an important task of documentation has been carried out together with the Historical Archive of the Air Force, since the shelters were built very close to the airfield, in the area known as the Pla de Missena.

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