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Lavadero Municipal Puebla del Duc(Puebla del Duc)

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Today we know it as La Pobla del Duc but, over time, this valldalbaidina town known for its agricultural tradition, has had several toponymic names. The first of them seems to have been Vilanova de Rugat in 1273, and then Francavila de Rugat or Puebla de Rugat, until evolving to the current name.

The laundry is covered to two waters, closed and in its interior walls hang old photographies of the same one.

Located in the Plaza de la Concordia, it was built in 1930 and renovated in 1988, it is in good condition. It has a rectangular floor plan and a two-slope roof of Arabic tile. The central basin is exempt and is of great dimensions.

Image of Lavadero Municipal Puebla del Duc