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Ermita de San Sebastián(Polinyà de Xúquer)

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The Chapel of Sant Sebastià is attached to the walls of the municipal cemetery of Polinyà de Xúquer, to the south of the town.

History and Conservation
Recently renovated (it was once a storage room in the cemetery), it is currently in impeccable condition.

The small temple consists of two parts: an elevated square porch with three lowered arches, a stone bench and a staircase that serves as access through one of them, and the chapel itself, very small, which goes into the cemetery. Next to the steps, in the facade of the atrium, there is a ceramic panel with the name of the hermitage and a tombstone recalling the restoration carried out in 1985. In the vertex of the roof of tiles to two waters a species of belfry rises with a metallic cross in its hollow.

The entrance to the chapel is through a glazed metal door. As in the atrium, the roof is of barrack with beams. At the back is the altar under a Gothic arch with a shelf on which the small image of the saint is venerated, surrounded by flowers and plants.

Festivals and Traditions
Saint Sebastian is the patron saint of Polinyà and celebrates his feast day on the traditional date, January 20. The festivities include a solemn mass, night procession, popular dances and a lively porrat.

Image of Ermita de San Sebastián