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Iglesia de Santa Bárbara(Piles)

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One of the most emblematic elements of the historical-artistic heritage of Piles is the parish church of Santa Bárbara Mártir (1732-1744). It occupies the site of a small rural mosque, which was a church dedicated to the Saint between 1277 and 1379 approximately. In a following period that would last until the conversion to Christianity of the entire Muslim community in 1525. Piles was again occupied by the Muslims and during this period the church was again used as a mosque. The work of the new church and bell tower was built in 12 years and was financed with private alms of wheat, barley, beans, oil, silk, sugar molasses. There were also those who gave objects and clothes that were auctioned in public. The completion of the work on the church in 1744 coincided with the visit of the Archbishop of Valencia.
As for the bell tower of the church (1732-1735), of baroque style with a tendency to classicism, has as its base a rectangular prism that rises about 32 meters high. This prism is topped by three decreasing bodies. The second body is that of the bells. It has four openings with semicircular arches flanked by Doric pilasters and an entablature with curvilinear pediments decorated with shells. The third body is a thinner prism reinforced at the corners by four flying buttresses. This third body is crowned by a roof to four slopes, decorated by white and green glazed tiles and by a pretty auction that supports the weather vane. The last renovation carried out in the church was in 2014. In this action, an old door facing the Carrer de Baix was opened. This new entrance is adapted to improve accessibility for everyone.

Image of Iglesia de Santa Bárbara