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Torre Espioca (Picassent)

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It was built by the Muslims in the 11th century and formed part of the defensive system of Valencia. It was located in the village of Espioca and close to that of Niñerola; both were deserted after the expulsion of the Moors in 1609. Espioca was reconquered by James I of Aragon, who gave it to Roderic Sabata. There are written references to this tower in the Book of Feits or the Chronicle of James I (1233) and in the Book of Reparto (Libro del Reparto) (1238). It is located next to the A-35 València-Albacete motorway in the town of Picassent, in the region of l'Horta Sur in the province of Valencia. The tower has a rectangular floor plan, and the base measures 4.95 x 5.6 metres. The interior is distributed over four floors.

Next to the tower there are also remains of some habitable structures, and especially in the northeast of the tower there are fragments of pottery. Stone and mortar were used in its construction.

Image of Torre Espioca