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Ermita Luján Pedralba(Pedralba)

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On a slope, on a hill and close to the village of Pedralba is the hermitage of the Virgen de Luján.

Escorted by a bush to its left, it overcomes with some slack to the enormous palm tree that is placed in its right flank. Several staircases give access to this paved building whose door has the shape of an arch and that has a special meaning, in which Spain and Argentina are its protagonists.

In 1969, the image of the Saint arrived in this small Valencian village by order of Ismael Quilmes. The objective was clear: to unite the South American emigrants present in the municipality. The initiative prospered and they bore the expenses of the figure that gives its name to a temple full of symbolism. The carving crossed the puddle to preside over the chapel and enter fully into the hearts of the people of Piedralba. From the top, the panoramic view of the village is spectacular.

Meanwhile, the wind blew the flags of both countries to the pride of locals and Argentines, who have found in Pedralba a place to feel at home.

Image of Ermita Luján Pedralba