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Lloma de Betxí(Paterna)

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La Lloma de Betxí is an archaeological site from the Bronze Age, located in the municipality of Paterna. Known since 1928, and dated between 1800 and 1300 BC, it was built on a low hill and preserves the remains of a large building with three rooms and a side corridor, and stone walls that remain between 1 and 2.5 meters high.
The fire that destroyed it, 3,500 years ago, favoured the preservation of its household goods made up of pottery, wooden and flint sickles, hand mills, metal objects, loom weights and decorative items such as ivory buttons. Their distribution indicates different areas of activity, such as the storeroom, the milling area and the loom. The slopes of the hill have been terraced with large sloping walls and two cisterns and the access road from the south, the side closest to the Túria, have been found at both ends. Two human burials were also found: a senile individual next to the skeleton of a small canid, and another one delimited by a circular stone structure, in a foetal position with legs and arms bent.

Image of Lloma de Betxí