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Núcleo Histórico(Palmera)

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The traditional building in the Historical Nucleus, in general: ground floor with entrance or vestibule, dining room in second and kitchen with annexes in the third floor, uncovered patio and stable or warehouse at the back;the second floor is destined to the room; and the second, in the few buildings that have it, to chamber, attic or barn. The main part of the house is oriented towards the street, and the back part is used for the secondary building, garages, courtyard or tool storage, something characteristic of Mediterranean architecture. At present, the galleries and fuels have disappeared, as has the storage of agricultural products .Although an acceptable level of conservation of the building is noted, it is mostly in it, it has been chosen to readapt the old buildings to be conditioned to the new needs.
In the traditional historical nucleus the following building typologies can be distinguished:
• Farmer's houses
• Bourgeois houses
• One-handed houses
• Houses in the hands of debts
• General composition.

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