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Palacio del Marqués de Sant Josep(Otos)

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The former barons maintained ownership of the building until, in the second half of the 19th century, the last Marquis of Sant Josep lost the palace gambling at the Monte Carlo casino. The winner went to Otos to look for a buyer, finding it in one of the richest people of the village, Francesc Vicent Olivares i Castell. It was inherited by Silví Olivares i Ordinyana from whom it passed to his daughter, who was blind and bequeathed it to ONCE. Since the eighties, the town council has been negotiating with the organization of the blind for the restoration of the palace and its use as a public property. Finally, after its acquisition and restoration, it is the headquarters of the town council of Otos.

It is a palace with the appearance of a large cubic house (22.7 x 17.8 m.), with a tower attached to a rear corner (4.4 x 5.8 m.) that has a rather symbolic function, since inside there is a staircase that connects the different levels of the building.

It has a quadrangular courtyard (5.2 x 6.6 m), which follows the tradition of Valencian palaces, with two open segmental arches on the first floor. On the main floor there are several rooms without remarkable decoration. In the cellars there is a well-preserved wine cellar. The third floor is the chamber, located under the roof.

In the facade of the palace stands out the linteled doorway of a considerable size, worked with white stone and rounded forming a slight convexity in its interior part. In the middle of the lintel there is a space destined for the arms of the lord but that was not realized. Three balconies corresponding to the noble floor open on the facade, where there is also a sundial and an altarpiece of ceramic tiles representing the Holy Trinity.

The building is crowned with a gallery of eighteen semicircular arches, separated by Doric pilasters with a continuous frieze entablature at the top, and decorative moldings at the bottom.

Image of Palacio del Marqués de Sant Josep