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El Puntal dels Llops(Olocau)

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The Iberian settlement of Puntal dels Llops is a settlement from the 5th century BC located in one of the southern foothills of the Sierra Calderona. It is located in the municipality of Olocau, Valencia, at the top of a promontory 427 m above sea level and more than 150 m above the plain, with ample visibility over the territory of the Campo de Turia and the Carraixet Ravine corridor that leads to the north.

Its wall and tower make it a small fortress of 960 square metres. Along with other similar fortresses, it formed part of the defensive and surveillance system of the territory of the city of Edeta (Edetanos) and is considered one of the best examples of a watchtower from the Iberian period. The internal structure of the settlement is simple and functional: it is a group of 17 rooms that open onto a central street that runs longitudinally throughout the settlement.

Image of El Puntal dels Llops