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Casa de la Vila y la lonja de los Tratanes(Ollería)

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The building corresponds to a Florentine period construction where the Communal Council Hall is located from the year 1583. Olleria bought the privilege for being a university with its own term, degregating from the general term of the city of Xativa.

It is one of the oldest Valencian council houses of this style. It combines late Gothic and Renaissance styles. Located in the town square, it preserves a sundial, facing the square. Constituted in 1588, it is a building that consists of a ground floor exempt on arches, and the Hall of Sessions above it, with a balcony overlooking the square. It is reminiscent of other town halls of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. It preserves the sundial and a sculpture of Atlantis in the upper corner, known as the Gonari. In front of the old jail of the Dance, we find in a corner a Roman tombstone, of the Murrano family, related to the ancient pottery activity of the town, from where it took the name of the Alqueria de les Olles, deriving in modern Olleria. Villa of trades such as pottery, glass, pyrotechnics, basketry and many others.

Since its construction in 1588, until 2010 it has been the Casa de la Villa. Currently, it houses the board of festivities of Moors and Christians.

Image of Casa de la Vila y la lonja de los Tratanes