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Parque Natural de la Marjal Oliva-Pego(Oliva)

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The Natural Park of Marjal de Pego-Oliva. Located between the provinces of Valencia and Alicante, it has an area of 1,290 hectares. It is surrounded by the Mostalla, Migdia and Segària mountain ranges. It has a varied ecosystem and well-preserved vegetation. It is an area of storage and discharge of groundwater and which in turn is an area of migratory movements of birds, thus belonging to the Natura 2000 Network (network that preserves natural habitats of wild fauna and flora). It is worth mentioning the water of the Marjal, as it is fresh and salty water that emerges from tributaries called "ullals" and the traditional cultivation of rice and where farmers have been developing for years experimental crops of organic rice cultivation of up to 17 varieties that could be the future of the rice fields.

Image of Parque Natural de la Marjal Oliva-Pego