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Palacio de Peñacerrada(Mutxamel)

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It is a prismatic tower with a square floor plan, about five metres on each side. The masonry is made of very irregular masonry with ashlar reinforcements at the corners.
The interior is divided into four levels with few and reduced openings on the outside. The upper part of the building has been renovated and has no reference to the original.
The period of construction can be placed in the 16th century along with others in the same area.

Although there is a lack of documentation, the origin of the house can be dated back to the beginning of modern times. Its current appearance dates back to reforms and extensions carried out at the end of the 18th century. The house took on a palatial character. New urban aspects are introduced in the creation of a square square square, with the access streets located on the mediatrices of three of the sides. The palace is located on the fourth side, which after the renovation and enlargement is adapted to the new architectural trends of the late Baroque period. The row of rooms arranged in succession is the most significant renovation. To this must be added the change in the social relationship, the house ceases to be exclusively a piece destined to accommodate the harvests of the countryside and is transformed into an element for the enjoyment and comfort of the users. As a result, the rooms are sized according to the needs of family relationships, leisure or social activities; the decoration reaches an eloquent degree of refinement. The plan of the palace is in the form of an "L".

The most novel feature is the garden, which is the result of major alterations carried out at the beginning of the 19th century. The three most common types of European gardens can be distinguished in the garden. Each of the types - French, English and Italian - is perfectly differentiated from the others. There are a variety of trees, statues, balustrades and fountains.

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