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Iglesia de la Asunción(Museros)

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It has a bell tower, next to the main facade, with a square floor plan, which has a set of bells characteristic of the region, with a group of three plus a bell for signals. The big one is from 1983, dedicated to the Virgin of the Assumption, the middle one was refounded in 1969 and is dedicated to the patron saint San Roque, and the smallest one is from 1917.

It is listed as an Asset of Local Relevance, with annotation number 46.13.177-001, according to the Fifth Additional Provision of Law 5/2007, of February 9, of the Generalitat, amending Law 4/1998, of June 11, of the Valencian Cultural Heritage (DOCV No. 5.449 / 13/02/2007).

Image of Iglesia de la Asunción