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Castillo dels Alcalans(Montserrat)

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The castle must have been built of limestone and must have had a double wall with towers reinforcing the flanks. The remains found in the area indicate how important the fortress of Alcalá must have been in its day. It must have had, as was customary, a marked military and residential character at the same time.

With regard to the period of its construction, it seems to have been carried out in at least two construction phases, the first, which could be considered as the foundational phase, which is the oldest, which began in the 11th century, associated with the Taifa of Valencia; and a second phase, which began in the 12th century and began in the 12th century, associated with the Taifa of Valencia. It began in the 12th century and lasted until the 13th century, coinciding with the Almohad period, when work was carried out to reinforce the defensive system, especially in the eastern part of the existing castle.

It is considered to be an example of the physiognomy of a typical Islamic castle or fortification, despite the fact that nowadays only remains (some stretches of what were once its walls, as well as the foundations of what were once its towers) of what was once an important defence point in the area.

In the 11th century, a king of the Taifa of Valencia decided to build a castle to control the crops near the Magro River. It became an important Taifal castle, which was even mentioned in the Chronicle of Alfonso X (in which it is narrated how the Cid, in one of his military actions for the kingdom of Valencia, captured its governor, an event that gave its name to the place as Vall d'Alcal, later known as the Vall dels Alcalans).

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