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Castillo de Montesa(Montesa)

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The Castle is, without a doubt, the most important tourist attraction. Affected by the earthquake of 1748, today we can only enjoy some of the rooms of what was once the Holy and Royal Convent of the Order of Santa Maria de Montesa and St. George of Alfama.

It is located at the top of the rock on which Montesa is located, so to get there you will have to walk a perfectly signposted uphill path. Once there you can learn that the Order of Montesa was largely responsible for its period of maximum splendor. The monks-knights of Montesa chose it for its special location, and completely renovated it, in Valencian Gothic style.

During the period of the third master of Montesa the most important works were carried out, building the chapter house, the refectory, the church, a cistern, an oven and the wall surrounding the convent. Later, the dormitory and the chapel of St. George were built.

On April 13, 1926, the remains of the Castle-Convent of the Order of Montesa were declared a National Monument.

Image of Castillo de Montesa