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Ermita de Colata(Montaverner)

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During the 20th century, the hermitage of Colata was built (1906), Ismael Blat painted the pendentives. In the post-war period (1939-1954) until today. During these years were founded the Brotherhoods of Christ, the Virgin of Sorrows, the Virgin of Loreto and Christ of Patience and the Junior Center of Montaberner (1981). Also a walk through the municipality will lead us to discover the ruins of the Casa de Colata, a place where more than a hundred priests made spiritual exercises in the years 1741-43.

On the side walls there are elongated pointed windows, three on each side. A seventh window like the previous ones opens on the façade, above the door. The flattened door is semicircular and is surrounded by an archivolt and a canopy. The facade has two projecting pillars at the corners. The cornice is triangular. The building has no bell tower or belfry.

The interior follows the neo-Gothic style and is very luminous. There are benches on both sides. The single nave is covered with a ribbed vault. The presbytery is bounded by an iron railing and covered with a starred vault. In the presbytery there is a templete of plaster that forms like a baldachin in whose central niche the image of the holder is venerated.

Image of Ermita de Colata