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Mercat Vell(Moncada)

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The Mercat Vell was built partly as a consequence of the relevance of Moncada as the head of the district of Horta Nord. A figure of 10,000 inhabitants was reached in direct relation with the Market. Located in the Plaza del Maestro Palau in its four cardinal points, it was built in 1908. Its roof is made of zinc sheets on top of an iron frame and supported by columns of the same metal. On Mondays, all kinds of animals and foodstuffs were sold at this market, supplying around twenty villages in the surrounding area (agricultural activities derived from the cultivation of the land and livestock, already practised since the 18th century, which together with other occupations (stone quarries, brick and flour production...) have made an important contribution to the agricultural wealth of the territory.
The Mercat Vell has long been a place of trade, exchange, human and social relations. It was active until April 1976, when the new market became the main commercial centre of Moncada. The Mercat Vell has been and is also a place for festive and cultural events, where music concerts, theatre, bullfighting, commemorations and offerings to the Virgin have taken place, thus bringing together the generations of yesterday and today around an emblematic site which is dear to all of us.

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