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Cruz Cubierta de Mislata(Mislata)

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Built in the late 14th and early 15th centuries, it was originally located on the road from Valencia to Madrid.
A narrow octagonal pillar stands on four circular steps, crowned by a capital with a sculpture on eight sides. On four of these faces we find the arms of the city of Valencia, and on the other four, we find high reliefs with different saints: Saint Michael, Saint Vincent Ferrer, Saint Joseph and the Virgin of the Forsaken, all of them principal saints of Valencia.
The cross is made of iron, although unfortunately it is not the original one from the Gothic period as it was destroyed many years ago.
The cross is completely covered by a small temple or spire, with a four-sided roof covered with toasted Arabic tiles and rests on four thick ashlar stone pillars, rectangular in shape and radial to the cross, which means that they are like the ends of two diagonals. Three of the pillars are convex mouldings, of which the two outer ones end at the height of the cross in Gothic capitals, more specifically from the 15th century, and the exterior ends with a rectangular support with a ball on top.

Image of Cruz Cubierta de Mislata