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Fuente y Lavadero (Masalfasar)

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The Massalfassar public washhouse is a building located in an open space away from the town centre. It is located between the town centre and the railway tracks, on the station road, formerly known as Camí de la Font, in a small garden next to the road that connects to the town.

The water from the fountain fed the central channel of the washing place, whose waters were used by the inhabitants of the municipality to wash their clothes. The surplus water from the washing place was discharged into the Acequia de la Garrofera, which is still functional today.

The Masalfasar washhouse and fountain are located in a rectangular building, situated at a lower level than the road. It is accessed by nine steps. A shed with a gabled roof of Moorish tile, lined on the inside with wooden planks and strengthened with beams of the same material, protects the washhouse from the inclemency of the weather. The lateral beams that support it are made of tile tiles and mortar. They are polished with fine mortar, as is the entire construction. The three central beams are at the height of the washhouse channel, while the other six, arranged on each side of the building, rest on the ground level.

Image of Fuente y Lavadero