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La Garrofera(Marines)

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La Garrofera is a construction of two buildings that are only a short distance apart. These buildings are farmhouses called the old Garrofera and the new Garrofera. On the one hand, the origin of the old Garrofera is that of the first Muslim settlements that were established in the valley during the 12th century. Subsequently, this small village was transformed into a manor estate during the 15th century, and converted into an authentic farmhouse dedicated to the agricultural and livestock exploitation of the area.
Today, some parts of the original constructions are still preserved, such as the kitchen area, the oil mill, the wine cellar and the stables. There is also a threshing floor for threshing cereals; it is a circular platform.

On the other hand, the Masía Garrofera nueva is a more recent construction (19th century) and is a building that has a large part dedicated to the manor house, and another more interesting part dedicated to agricultural and livestock work. This second part still conserves all its structure. The walls are made of thick limestone walls covered with sand and lime mortar. New outbuildings were added to the single-family dwelling to form its current structure.

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