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Esglèsia Parroquial de Santa Anna(Manuel)

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Built between 1664-1695. The third section dates from 1985.
Description Attached to the foot of the church is a five-storey Sicentista bell tower. The four lower levels, with the clock tower and the bell room above them, correspond to the original construction of the tower, while the crown of the bell tower must surely be attributed to the hand of Regiones Devastadas (Devastated Regions). This noucentista finial, with angular buttresses, replaces another one erected at the beginning of the 20th century in a single quadrangular body, with spires at the corners and topped, like the new one, with a cupola and weather vane.

The comprehensive restoration of the belfry and the bells carried out between November 2019 and January 2020 has made it possible to recover the good condition of the bell heritage of the parish of Manuel and, in addition, to recover the values lost in the first electrification. The walls of the bell room and the clock room have been re-covered with mortar, and the access to the terrace has been modified. For their part, the bells have recovered their traditional volumes and uses.

The previous church already had a belfry and this one had two windows, according to documentary evidence dating from before the construction of the new church. For ringing the bells, the ropes were bought, as was the case in 1619, when Antonio Moreno was the church clergyman. This belfry was reinforced in 1652.

Image of Esglèsia Parroquial de Santa Anna